Indigenous architecture

Text from the YouTube page: "FIRST EARTH is a documentary about the movement towards a massive paradigm shift for shelter -- building healthy houses in the old ways, out of the very earth itself, and living together like in the old days, by recreating villages. An audiovisual manifesto filmed over the course of 4 years and 4 continents, FIRST EARTH makes the case that earthen homes are the healthiest housing in the world;"

from other places:
external image lac-inle-myanmar-ex-birmanie-mars-2007-plus-admirable-photo-lac_120331.jpg external image lac-inle-myanmar-ex-birmanie-mars-2007-plus-admirable-photo-lac_120335.jpg
external image lac-inle-myanmar-ex-birmanie-mars-2007-plus-admirable-photo-lac_120332.jpg external image lac-inle-myanmar-ex-birmanie-mars-2007-plus-admirable-photo-lac_120337.jpg and
from the Seemuseum in Kreuzlingen

external image 4752273450_4fe4f75d62_m.jpg
Bronze age dwelling in Kantonales Museum für Urgeschichte(n) in Zug (CH)

external image 4752464392_d7976edf73_m.jpg
enclosure at Teuflibach

external image 4751623833_8690926edb_m.jpg
Bauernhaus in Niederwil bei Cham in Kanton Zug
Bauernhaus in Niederwil bei Cham in Kanton Zug

house in Zug

external image 4754472986_cff3e7b7d4_m.jpg
House near Alpenblick showing several styles and periods of building and architecture