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In front of the UBS building in Zug

In front of the UBS building on the square by the Metalli shopping mall, stands a massive sculpture created by the American artist, Mat Mullican (born 1951). Next to it there are two smaller exhibits. The simple, coloured towers of cubes and spheres represent parts of Mullican's subjective cosmology, which finds expression in various media and objects, from computer to poster to flags - right down to the envelope.

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In front of Mall Metalli in Zug

- quite near the UBS sculpture

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Water Cascade beside the UBS building Zug

This water cascade, inaugurated in 1995, was the brainchild of Hans Peter Ammann, a Zug architect, and built by a Zug stonemason, Christian Breitenstein. The whole complex with the cascade steps forms the focal point of the exterior of the Union Bank of Switzerland's building.

With the use of models, the architectonical design of the complex was tested for functionality at the research department of the Federal Technical High School of the University of Zurich. Daylight falling on to the running water is reflected in the main hall of the bank, and the speed of flow over the steps is so regulated that the sound of running water is reduced to a minimum. Unfortunately, the cascade is only in operation during the summer months.

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Sculpture along the lakeside in Zug

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Sculpture in front of the SBB in Zug

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (Ukraine/USA) created an unusual drinking fountain out of Carrara marble especially for the Station Square. Have you noticed that what at first seems to be an abstract shape is in fact a male torso?

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov from the Ukraine & USA designed this unusual fountain (entitled "Drinking Fountain") in Carrara marble, for the opening of the new railway station in Zug in November 2003.
The work depicts the lower half of a male body, in which natural water circulation finds expression. The artists themselves regard it as a water-offering fount. The little white monolith stands lonely and alone, encircled by buses, in front of the enormous station façade. Although enjoying a central and prestigious position, the fountain itself is too small to assert itself against that mammoth building. It is as if the sculpture seeks a rapport with people, and stands there on the square to represent them. If the rest of the body were added to the lower torso, the result would be gigantic. link

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SBB Central Station in Zug

The railway station has become the new centre of Zug, which is expanding towards the north-west. It has become an important traffic junction, with pedestrian passageways spreading out to the east and west of the town, and its south façade facing the lake. The building is the new gateway to the town, used daily by over twenty-thousand commuters, business people and tourists.

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Mall Metalli in Zug

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The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive

William G. Godden Collection: GoddenA57

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jpg | mrsid
  • Title: Elevated highway, Zug
  • Creator(s): Godden, William G.
  • Date:
  • Location: Western Europe/Switzerland/EUROPE

Description: Elevated highway on high concrete piers near Zug, Switzerland. The girder consists of continuous variable-depth concrete box sections. View showing the construction of the girder using the balanced cantilever method, and at the stage where one pair of cantilevers is being connected to the adjacent cantilevers. (Zug, Switzerland)

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