Scratch is a visual programming language installed in our school computers. It's a free download from MIT.

Use this ready-made project from jishiha in the Scratch Gallery to draw a triangle.

  1. Download this file, and save it in your "Scratch Documents" folder.
  2. Open Scratch
  3. Use File to open this new project.
  4. Follow the directions you'll see in the script.

Here's a screen shot:

You could also use
external image triangle01.jpg
What happens if you remove the "set size" bar?
What happens if you change the number in the degrees bar, or the number of steps?

If you'd like to have Scratch draw a Sierpinski Triangle for you, download these files, and then open them (one at a time!) in Scratch.

Screen shot of

Screen shot of

Notice how these two projects produce the same result, but have very different looking scripts.

Now use these files:

(This one needs a "When the green flag is clicked" control added to the top of the stack.)

For another view, try this one: