Inkscape is software installed in our school computers.

You can draw triangles, and create a Sierpinski triangle, with Inkscape. Here are the steps:

1. external image starAndPolygons.pngUse the "stars and polygons" tool in Inkscape.

2. external image triangleProperties.pngAfter you have clicked on the tool, a Properties bar is shown . Be sure you have checked the "Polygon" box, and set the "Corners" value to 3. "Rounded" and "Randomize" should be set to 0.

3. Draw the triangle by clicking and dragging on the drawing canvas.

4. Click on the triangle, use ctrl+c to copy it, and ctrl+v to paste. Copy this picture to create your Sierpinski triangle. You can use any color, or many colors.
external image fractal-sierpinski.png

Here's a screen shot:

I decided to build the big triangle by making one small one of 3 shapes, and the using my mouse to select them all, ctrl+c to copy, and ctrl+v to paste. After each paste, I dragged the new triangle into position. When I was finished, I clicked on the small triangles and changed their color.